WFMW: Feeding Unexpected Guests During The Holiday Season

I really, really enjoy having guests over, and unexpected ones can be the most fun. Can be. It’s hard to be a gracious hostess, though, when the cupboards are bare!

When sales are happening before Halloween, we try to stock up on a few things to have on hand for company. It’s not a major shopping trip, and something that can also be easily done by adding one or two additional items at a time during weekly shopping trips. Having a bare cupboard isn’t the only thing that can bring out the Grinch in us–a bare bank account has that same effect!

For example: a box of crackers, a block of cheese, a bottle of wine and poof! cocktail hour with another couple you enjoy spending time with.

Coffee is always on hand here, so I use my favorite chocolate chip recipe to make my own “frozen cookie dough” for the freezer. Pop them in the over for 10 minutes or so and Tada! coffee and a sweet treat to have with a neighbor who stops by to dish.

I like it when my teens have their friends over, so I do my best to have some teen friendly munchies on hand, along with a few two liters of soda pop. A frozen pizza or two stashed away eliminates annoyance for me of last-minute invasions.

Having ingredients on hand for a simple dinner definitely makes it easier to enjoy guests who may be in town for just the day, and found time to stop by our place. It keeps us from running to Captain Cluck, or somewhere equally as charming. One of my favorite “have on hand” meals is chili. I pre-brown and season the ground beef (or turkey), have any vegetables I want to add to it diced, and toss the lot into a baggie that goes into the freezer. In the pantry I keep canned tomatoes, beans, and oyster crackers. It takes me less than five minutes to throw it into a pot, and I can get back to enjoying my guests.

These are a few things that work for me to keep my goodwill towards men (and unexpected guests!) during the holiday season. I hope you’ll check out the other tips and tricks that make life easier at We ARE That Family.

Do you have a favorite snack or meal that you keep on hand for guests?


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