Bat Watch, 2009

There’s something I need to confess. One year I didn’t take down my Christmas lights until the day before guests were coming to my house for dinner.  They were coming to celebrate Easter. Oh yeah.  I had left those lights up for over four months after the holiday. I didn’t think about them unless I was walking up to my house. Once inside, I conveniently forgot about them.

Fortunately, I have kind-hearted neighbors. The following summer, some of them kidded me about how long the lights were up, but nobody complained. After that experience, especially witnessing the graciousness of my neighbors, I should be the soul of compassion when it comes to folks who may not have put away their holiday decorations as promptly as others. And I honestly thought I was. Until The Bat arrived on our block. 

 I have relatively new neighbors. They moved to our block over a year ago. They seem nice. We’ve met a few times, but haven’t really gotten to know each other. This Halloween they put up the coolest decoration ever. The Bat. It hangs inside their picture window. It’s a giant fellow with his wings expanded. And it has glowing red eyes on its menacing face. Before Halloween, I was infatuated with The Bat. On Halloween, I was coveting The Bat. It was so cool!  Now, almost two weeks after Halloween, I’m over The Bat.

The Bat is still hanging around. They still turn on his glowing red eyes every evening.  A few days after Halloween, I started mentally dressing The Bat in festive costumes for other holidays.  A Pilgrims outfit for Thanksgiving. A cheerful Santa hat atop of his menacing face, and a candy cane stuck in his claws for Christmas. Maybe something in a cherub theme for Valentine’s Day.

It’s getting clear that I’m becoming obsessed with The Bat. Last night I was sitting on my porch with the theme from “Batman” running through my head, looking at The Bat with his glowing red eyes, all back-lit from the light in the house. I had an overwhelming urge to scour the city for a Batman costume. I visualized myself putting on the costume, knocking on the door of these nice people that I don’t know very well, and ask why they were signalling me. As I was giggling uncontrollably (by myself on the porch) at that mental image, a thought occurred to me.

I wonder how many of my neighbors had an uncontrollable urge to show up on my doorstep singing Christmas carols that long ago March when my Christmas lights were still up?

Be honest! What’s the longest time you have left outdoor holiday decorations up?



  1. WW said

    Hi Wendy! I confess, I still have lights up along my back fence from Christmas 2008! Not sure if they are coming down ever! Quite impossible to see and the neighbors didn’t complain, although they let their back fence weeds get REALLY high last summer. Coincidence? Hmmmm…..

  2. demurr said

    ROFL, WW! Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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