Works For Me Wednesday– Getting Teenagers OUT of the bathroom

Once upon a time I worked outside the home and went to school part time while raising two teens. The worst part of that era? Waiting to go to the bathroom!  We have just one bathroom in our happy home, and the teens took forever in there in the morning. I finally solved that dilema with a few small purchases.

Purchase #1: A timer. Oh yeah. The timer was set from the minute the door closed. It only took a few reminders (and one time of turning off the hot water) for the teens to get the hang of getting out of the bathroom when the timer went off.

Purchase #2: A plastic caddy for each of them. The teens kept brushes, combs, hair stuff, etc in their own caddy. When not in use, the caddy went on a shelf in the hall closet.

Purchase #3: A mirror for each of their rooms. Hair, make up, practicing looking cool could then be done in the privacy of their own rooms.

Total cost of getting them out of the bathroom: $17. Not having to cross my legs for extended periods of time: priceless.

I hope this helps! Now check out the awesome tips and ideas over at We Are THAT Family.


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