Working the Craft

I’m not sure how it happened. Once upon a time I would attempt these cute little craft projects, and they would turn out looking worse than a preschooler’s art project. Then, not too long ago the impossible happened–my projects started turning out the way they were supposed to.

I’m not questioning the sudden change. Frankly, I haven’t had time to. I’ve been too busy scouring magazines and the ‘net looking for fun stuff to make for the holidays, making trips to the store for supplies, and excitedly shouting to my oldest daughter to look at how great the project is turning out. 

In the past two weeks I have:

  • made turkey magnets with my toddler (I traced her hand on brown fun foam, had her color the feathers with markers, and attached a magnet to the back. )
  • made a Thanksgiving pillow (totally justified–I have so few Thanksgiving decorations. Ahem.)
  • knitted a fuzzy scarf for a friend’s gift
  • got supplies for a couple of wreaths, magnet angels (to make with my toddler),  and a mason jar pincushion

I’ve grounded myself from all craft stores until after the first of the year. I had to. I’m starting to have nightmares of skipping Thanksgiving dinner (that I’m hosting!) to re-attach ornaments to a wreath, or skipping midnight mass on Christmas Eve to make one more pincushion for the mailman’s cousin. Those years of wishing my craft projects would turn out like the pictures are coming back to haunt me.

I am not going to ask if you are planning/have done any holiday crafts this year. Nope. Too tempting. Of course, I can’t stop you if you want to volunteer the information!


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