Works For Me Wednesday: Portion control at dinner.

I like losing weight. Who doesn’t? But I really don’t want to think about it. Who does? One thing I know about me is I hate measuring food.  It’s not too bad in the morning, somewhat bearable at lunch, but by dinner time, forget it! I don’t want to deal with a measuring cup.

I got this idea while I was dishing up my toddler’s dinner the other night. She has one of those plates that’s sectioned into three parts. You probably have seen them: one compartment is the bottom half of the plate, and the upper two sections are a fourth of the plate each.  I grabbed a salad plate, and used the same theory for my dinner. One-fourth of my plate is for protein, and one-fourth of my plate is for a starch (I want to lose weight, not become a martyr!). I fill the bottom half of my plate with veggies. It’s not exact measurements, but it keeps me in better control at dinner.

That’s what works for me! I hope you’ll pop over to We Are That Family, and check out all the cool tips there.



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