The “I Meant Tos”

I hate it when the “I Meant Tos” hit. For me, they generally show up on a holiday, or the day after. Sometimes they stay for minutes, mostly they last for days. On rare occasions, they’ve lasted years.

Happily, this past Thanksgiving I only had two “I Meant Tos”. One lasted a few minutes after dinner. “Oh, I meant to put out a dish of the pickles we canned last fall!” The other one lasted a day or so. “Oh, I meant to post a heart tugging, make-you-grateful-for-what-you-have blog post about Thanksgiving!” Yeah. Didn’t happen.

A big part of the reason I didn’t get to the “heart tugging, make-you-grateful-for-what-you-have blog post” is that I was busy eliminating the “I Meant Tos” from this Christmas season. There are definite upsides to having limited funds and being laid off during the holidays. You have a lot of time on your hands, and (once you get past moaning about not having a lot cash) your creativity kicks in.

I have always “meant to” get my mother-in-law a digital picture frame, and load it with pictures for the dear, techno-challenged lady. I never had time. This year, I found a deal on a frame, planned a heist of her scrapbooks with my brother-in-law (that little caper rivaled stealing the Declaration of Independence in National Treasure), and am just about done with loading the pictures.

Another example of eliminating the “I meant tos” involve my brothers and my mother’s cookie cutters. I fell heir to mom’s cookie cutters. [Note: My mom is alive and well. She met Dr. Atkins, and doesn’t bake like she used to.] I had always “meant to” use the cookie cutters to make a pattern for Christmas ornaments. This year I had time, and the cookie cutter inspired ornaments are now attached to wreaths, ready to be mailed. Another “I Meant To” crossed off the list.

Those are just the gift “I Meant Tos”. There’s other I Meant Tos that I plan to eliminate this season, like cruising the neighborhoods to check out Christmas lights, or take the time to do holiday crafts with my toddler.

Is there anything you’ve meant to do for the holidays?

Added bonus: Kid Craft

I thought this was a neat idea for a type of Advent calendar! We’re starting ours today.


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