WFMW: Baby Socks and Christmas Gifts

Do you have some socks your baby/toddler has outgrown? Do you have some rice in the cupboard? Do you have some cotton balls? Some thread? A bit of glue? Congrats! You have all the makings of a Christmas gift grandparents will love.

I love this craft!  I first read about it in Women’s Day magazine when my teens were tots. It was one of my first craft projects that actually turned out like it was supposed to, and was incredibly easy to make.

Rather than give you  my garbled instructions, allow me to give you a link for more concise directions.

A couple of tips: I’ve used fabric paint and sharpie markers to make the face of the snowmen with great success. And I’ve tied off my snowman sections with thread–worked like a charm!

I’ll join you all over at We Are That Family to see what cool projects others have come up with.



  1. Kim said

    Thanks, I have been wondering what to do with all my mismatches! What a great idea!

    • demurr said

      @Kim, I’m glad you stopped by! Oh, those mismatches. I think baby socks were my washers favorite treat.

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