Movie Time! Holiday picks…

You might have noticed that I love movies. The holidays have some true classics that I love to see every year. And the classic Christmas programs, like Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas! My pop culture heart is filled with glee.

A few of my favorites fly under the holiday radar, though, and I’d hate for them to be lost in the holiday movie shuffle. WARNING: The first two movies listed are definitely not for younger viewers.

The Ref  Denis Leary is on the lam, and takes the most dysfunctional family in holiday history hostage.

Surviving Christmas Poor little rich boy Ben Affleck rents a family for the holidays. I think he should have shopped around!

Christmas Vacation No matter how nuts you get trying to create the perfect Christmas for your family, Chevy Chase takes it even further. Touted as a “new holiday classic” by certain cable stations.

Pocket Full of Miracles One of my all time favorite movies. It stars Bette Davis and Glenn Ford, one as a beggar, the other as a gangster, and their Cinderella style story. Although Christmas is never mentioned, the Nutcracker Suite score and the “miracles” performed by such unexpected souls, it rates a mention during the holiday season.

Those are my holiday movie picks. What are your’s?


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