WFMW: Do you have a holiday checklist for you?

I thought of this after we got a call from some friends  the other day inviting us to a Christmas party later this month. If the party were the day of the phone call, my family would be set to walk out the door, properly attired, looking good. Me…not so much. I made a quick checklist fo myself, and thought I’d share it with my nearest and dearest internet pals.

 Hair: Need a cut? Color? Cute hair ornament?

Clothes: Do you have an outfit (or two) for the events you have coming up? Have you tried them on recently? Checked to make sure they don’t need cleaning?

Shoes: Are they a bit scuffed (like mine), or are they polished and ready to go? Do you know where they are? Don’t laugh–I once was late to a dinner because one of my dress shoes was hiding under the couch.

Accessories: Do you have shoes to go with your awesome dress? Nylons? Bag? Appropriate undergarments? Do you know where both of your favorite earrings are?

Misc.: Do your nails need a quick filing? How about your toes? Need a pedicure? Have you checked your eyebrows?

Better to think about this stuff now while were calmly dishing on the ‘net, and not running around like a mad woman five minutes before we’re due to walk out the door. Check out We Are That Family for what’s working for others today.



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