Celebrating What You’ve Accomplished

It’s the first Monday of a New Year…a New Decade, no less. Did you make resolutions for it? Are they the same ones you’ve made on prior New Year’s? Like losing weight, getting the house organized, etc.

It’s fine if they are. Honest! I’ve had the same resolutions (the ones mentioned in the first paragraph) for the last couple of years. I could beat myself up for not attaining my goals in a year’s time, but then I’d be missing out on the process. And the pleasure of enjoying what I did accomplish.

I could beat myself up over only losing 25 pounds in the last year–a far cry from the goal I had set for myself. But then I’d be missing out on a few things, like losing my dread of exercising, or enjoying the vegetable side dishes I’ve learned to make.

Then there’s the house. I could be sitting here depressed that the closets aren’t completely organized, or about the cupboards in the kitchen that are a wreck. Instead I’m pretty happy that my bedroom closet is in better shape than it has been in years, that I can find things in my linen closet without too much searching. And you should see the shelf I set up in my kitchen last February that’s designated for baking supplies! It’s still organized!

My goal for 2010 is to finish things I’ve started, like losing the last 30 pounds I have to go, and getting the closets and cupboards in the condition I want them to be in. If I find in December that I’ve only lost 20 of the thirty pounds, and I’ve only organized the kitchen pantry, you can bet I’ll be raising my glass to toast what I did accomplish.


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