Preparing for Success

Yesterday we talked about embracing past successes where our New Year’s Resolutions are concerned. Today let’s talk about what we can do to set ourselves up for future success.

I talked about my goal for losing the last 30 extra pounds I’m carrying around. Instead of jumping in with a strict diet and vowing to work out an hour a day (sad to say I’ve tried that before, and quit before January 7th), I’m breaking it down into a more reasonable goals. My goals for this month: a 20 minute work out M-F first thing in the morning, drinking 64 oz of water daily, adding more fruits and vegetables to my daily diet, and ending my day with 20 minutes of yoga.

I already started this, and I’ve found that since I’m adding to my diet (fruit at breakfast, salad at lunch, and a veggie side at dinner, plus the water) I’m cutting back on junk food without swearing off of it. I’m just too full. And the exercise? The 20 minute workout in the morning fits my attention span, and I still sweat. I’m finding the yoga in the evening a great way to unwind. There’s an added bonus of making time for myself in the evening. It feels down right decadent to this mother of a toddler.

My other goal for this year is to continue organizing my home. I’ve had a lot of help over the years from Flylady. 15 minutes at a time, routines, breaking my home down into zones all make sense to me. AND Flylady encourages you to fit the system to you, not the other way around. Is that cool, or what? Baby steps are the key.

Keeping that in mind, I’m starting my organizational project in my bedroom. I’ve already cleaned out my dresser, and have been working on the wall shelves on either side of the room. 15 minutes at a time, armed with a trash bag, a timer, and a ‘tude. I’ll be finished with my bedroom, and ready to move onto the kitchen by February.

Those are my two main goals for 2010. What are your’s? How can you break your goals down into smaller steps?


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  1. AmyL said

    I’ve been pondering the whole goals/resolution thing this year, and just can’t bring myself to make a list. This is a very strange state of affairs…I love my lists! But. Right now, I don’t wanna make them. So I don’t.

    I do have a desire to finish what I’ve started, and heaven knows there are plenty of half-done tasks that I can attack. But I don’t even want to decide on an order of attack. So. I just choose jobs to do at random and go at it whole-hog.

    Kind of scattered and focused at the same time, don’t you think? 🙂 Oh well. It’s working for the time being. If I get all listy sometime soon, that’ll be fun too.

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