Toddler Crafts:Making a Snowman…in the house!

My two-year old is a glue stick addict. She loves pasting things together. One day she may need a twelve step program to over come it, but for now we’re indulging her habit.

The other day we made a snowman. In the house. Of course, it was out of construction paper, but she was pretty happy. During her nap, I cut circles out of white construction paper. I also cut out a hat, a carrot shaped nose, smaller circles out of black construction paper for eyes and buttons, boot shapes for his feet, a smiling mouth, and a couple of stick arms. When my darling daughter got up from her nap, I gave her the cut outs, put a figurine of a snowman in front of her to use as a guide, and handed her a glue stick. The hardest part of the project was staying out of her way.  (I was identifying with Picasso’s mother in a big way.) She was really proud of her results, and so was I!

She’ll be making another snowman soon from a recipe for toddler play dough that I found here. Hopefully we’ll be able to take her new snowman building skills outside soon. I’m sure Mother Nature will be cooperating any minute!



  1. Mom said

    Save the snowman so Tom and I can see it. Love you

    • demurr said

      You got it, Mom!
      @ John, I’ve added it to my todo list. Cool project, btw!

  2. John said

    If you took a photo, please send it to me at

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