WFMW: Tracking Success

There are times at the end of the week when I honestly can’t remember a single thing I’ve accomplished. I know I did stuff. My exhaustion testifies to that. I sometimes just don’t remember exactly what it was that I was so proud of getting done on Tuesday by the time Friday night rolls around.

I finally hit on a solution that seems to  really work for me. I picked up a checkbook sized two-year planner that I keep in my inbox. In it I list the extras I’ve accomplished on any given day. For example on Monday I listed “finished knitting scarf”. Tuesday’s triumph was “decluttered bathroom drawers”.  By the end of the week, I can see at a glance the accomplishments I’ve made that brought on the Friday night exhaustion.

And as an added bonus, I also finally have a place to list the stuff that I want to get done that I may not want to put on the family calendar, like “throw out ripped underwear”.

It may sound silly and simple, but having someone acknowledge the extras I do around my home works for me. Especially when I’m the one giving myself credit.

Hop on over to We Are THAT Family to see what’s working for others today!



  1. Lori said

    That’s a great idea…I kinda do the same thing with my planner.

  2. demurr said

    Thanks, Lori! I’m glad you stopped by!

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