Site Construction and The Flu

Happy Friday, all!

You’re not seeing things. Diapers and Hair Dye is under going a face lift. I’ll be trying out different looks over the next week.

We’ve been battling the flu and colds in my happy home. 4 out of 5 of us are walking around like the living dead, groaning and reaching for fluids, kleenex and vitamin C.  The fifth (my son) is running for his life to avoid the biohazard around here. I think his quoting the rules from Zombieland are a little over the top, but whatever.

Even though we had to miss our usual activities, like my toddler’s Wee School and my “Bridezillas on Bouncy Balls” class (more on that in a different post), the week hasn’t been a total wash. I stumbled across the 5 Minutes for Books site. Are you familiar with it? You are? Why didn’t you tell me?! What a fun place! Book reviews, reading challenges, book clubs…it’s like a little slice of heaven for busy people who love to read, and may have slacked off because of hectic schedules. A couple of the challenges had me running (ok, “staggering” would be a better description) to my bookshelves, reaching for old favorites that have been neglected in recent years. It’s been fun to focus on a great story and not how horribly we’re all feeling around here.

Speaking of which, it’s time to re-medicate and hold a cage match fight over the last 4 ounces of orange juice.

Have a healthy weekend!



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