Gearing up for February

It’s almost here. One day away. The time of year I tend to dread. February.  Or, in my house, known as “dealing with the yearly finances/see where we stand/what do we need to tweak/OMG its tax time!” time of year. Happily, there’s a national holiday tossed in there too. To many, it’s “Valentine’s” Day. To us, it’s “There’s No One Else I’d Rather Be In Debt With” Day.

I’ve found a book and a few sites that help keep me from curling into a fetal position during February, and I thought I’d pass them along.

My all-time favorite book is one that I got as a free download when it first came out. Suze Orman’s Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny helped me face a lot of financial fears I had, like looking at my FICO score (and doing something about it).

Cindy’s Porch is one of my all time favorite sites.  I credit her fully for changing my attitude about spending money.

Northern Cheapskate is a new favorite. I initially went to it because I loved the title, and stuck around for all the fun help.

A favorite tool that I’ve used for years is over at Flylady’s website. Her free FACE (“Financial Awareness Continually Empowers”)  Control Journal has really helped when I’m not sure where to begin, and feel overwhelmed.

Please feel free to share what works for you. I’m always looking for ways to make dealing with finances easier!


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