Indoor gardening

I miss my garden. I miss hanging out in the yard, watching the vegetable plants grow. I miss pulling up to the front of my house and seeing the flowering hanging baskets on the porch. I even miss pulling weeds, for crying out loud!

Don’t get the wrong impression. I don’t have a green thumb. My mom has a green thumb. I envy her green thumb. And her ability to realize that plants need to be watered more than once a month, but I digress.

During the winter months when I really miss my garden, I make do with my Peace Lily. His name is Phil. He has hopes and dreams. He hopes I’ll remember to water him, and dreams of being watered on a more regular basis. But again, I digress.

As I was flipping through a Better Homes and Garden magazine the other day, I saw it. Little brothers and sisters for Phil! AND they seem to need the care that I’m already in the habit of giving Phil. Kids, I’m talking about a cool little succulent table top garden.

I was giddy as I surfed the internet to find other examples of a table top gardens made mostly of cacti. I found a great instructions about how to do it at this site. After a little more, er, digging, I found a woman who took it to a whole new level at this site.

I cannot wait to play in the dirt again! I’m hoping once my husband sees how well I’m doing with the new house plants (and Phil), he’ll agree to something that I’ve lusted over for years–an indoor herb garden. And that he’ll pop for this cool container that I can hang over the kitchen sink. If Phil can have hopes and dreams, so can I!


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