Friday Fun! Movie Picks for February

Don’t you just love February? The grey skies are ignored for a bit as our thoughts turn to love. I think, though, with Valentine’s Day looming, we hyper focus on romantic love, and forget about the many other forms of love that are just as strong, and (at times) more enduring.

Like the love a boy has for his car, as demonstrated in Christine. Or a boy’s love for his mother, like in Psycho. And don’t forget a mother’s love for her son, so shown in Friday the 13th. Then there’s the love of a favorite author, as played out in Misery.

Ok, so obviously romantic comedies aren’t my cup of Kool-Aid. I do, however, have a few love stories that I just, well, love. I hope you enjoy them too!

Let’s start with my two favorite movies displaying a mother’s love that don’t involve an abandoned summer camp. Mildred Pierce, starring Joan Crawford, is a fabulous movie that shows how far a mother’s love can extend, and as a result  taken advantage of.  My other favorite is  Steel Magnolias, a movie that shows worrying about your children doesn’t necessarily end at their high school graduation.

Next up on my list is a movie in which the lead character is the most unlikely love interest in recent movie history. As Good as it Gets, starring Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear. What woman wouldn’t want to hear “You make me want to be a better man”?

Ok, I do have to finish off with a movie about a man’s love for his car, and subsequently his neighbors. Gran Torino, in which Clint Eastwood starts out as one of the most unlikeable characters. If you’re expecting this to be another Dirty Harry type of movie, you’re in for a surprise.


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