Prettying Up My Desk

I love my desk. It’s the first piece of “grown up” furniture I’ve ever bought. Come to think of it, it’s the only piece of furniture  in my living room that’s not second hand. But I digress…

I love my desk, but for all the love I hold for it, I did’t take very good care of it. I’ve piled it with clutter. I’ve let dust get so thick on it you could write your name. It was bad.

One dreary Saturday night I found myself looking at this piece of furniture that I love, and decided it deserved better. I deserved better. I (and it) deserved pretty.

Keeping the thought of “pretty”, I started by decluttering my desk. It wasn’t hard, to be honest. Most of the stuff covering it was just things I was to lazy to put away or throw away. After I cleared away the junk, I used what seemed like a half a can of Pledge on my desk until it gleamed. Pretty.

I needed a pen/pencil holder, so I grabbed a champagne flute that was collecting dust and filled it with my favorite pens. Pretty.

I looked at my plain Jane inbox. How plain was it, you may ask? It was an inexpensive, unfinished, wood inbox that I bought at a craft store to use as a drawer seperator in my then infant daughter’s dresser. (Holy cow! Try saying that last sentence in one breath!) I painted the inside of it wine red, and the outside of it dark brown. I then added white polk-a-dots around the outside. Pretty.

The desk lamp I’m not thrilled with. It looks like something Scrooge would use, had he had electricity. It’s fine for now, but I do have plans to scour garage sales and thrift stores to find something more pretty.

Since I’ve prettied up my desk, a miracle seems to have occured. It’s no longer a magnet for junk like it was in the past. It looks…fantastic!



  1. Mom said

    I can’t wait to see that “pretty” desk.

    • demurr said

      Hop in the car and pop on over, Mom! 😉

  2. I struggle with keeping my desk clean! Mine is in the family room too and my girlie has decided that all toys she is done with go on my desk! Yours sounds so pretty now!

    • demurr said

      Hi, Michele! It’s sooo hard, isn’t it? Espcially when our “little business associates” want to get in on the act.

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