WFMW: Indoor Sandbox

It’s cold in my neck of the woods. Not only is it cold, but it’s dreary. We refer to the sun as “that strange glowing orb” when it bothers to show its self.

We’ve resorted to bringing the outdoors inside for our little tot. One thing she really misses this winter is playing in the sand.  I picked up a trick at her play group the other day that will satisfy her need for grit.

Pour an inch or two of white cornmeal in a plastic tub. Add in plastic spoons, empty plastic spice jars, small funnels, whatever else you have on hand. Place the whole thing on a sheet* that’s spread over a linoleum or tile floor, and viola! fun for your little sand bug. You can store the cornmeal in a Ziploc Baggie when play time is over. If the tub you’re using has a lid, so much the better! Just store the whole thing as is.

*The sheet isn’t just for easy clean up. Spilled cornmeal, like spilled flour, can cause the floor to become slippery.

That’s what works for us when we’re stuck in the house! Hop on over to We Are THAT Family for more tips and tricks from others.


  1. SkylarKD said

    I’ve never thought of using cornmeal! I keep meaning to pick up a big sack of rice to do this with my daughter.

    • demurr said

      The rice would be so fun, too!

  2. Bobbi said

    As an added bonus you can shake the sheet out (sounds like a funky dance) on the sidewalk outside for extra traction. It won’t melt the ice but the grit might help 🙂

  3. Kaci said

    This is an excellent idea!

    My daughter LOVES the sandbox, but our “strange glowing orb” doesn’t show itself from early winter until late spring. I love the “great” pacific northwest!

    • demurr said

      Depressing, isn’t it? On the upside, we’re not wearing out our snow shovels like the folks on the east coast. (Hang in there, guys!!!!)

      I’m glad you stopped by!

  4. Bobbi said

    Better than dumping the leftovers onto the sidewalk, shake it into the yard for the birds to eat! DUH!

    • demurr said

      I so understood what you meant! Great idea!

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