“We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”

I’m writing this post in January long before my March Madness hits so I don’t forget to apologize to you wonderful people.

You see, in March I tend to become…not myself. I don’t know if it’s because by March I am stir crazy from cabin fever, dealing with the seemingly never ending winter. I don’t know if I’m just breaking down my midlife crisis into a month at a time chunks. Whatever it is, when it hits I just go with it.

I do know when I first “snapped”. St. Patrick’s Day, 2007. My husband was assistant coach for my son’s hockey team. He and the coach arranged for free ice time at an arena downtown. I was pregnant with our third child, dodging St Paddy’s Day revellers that were going from strip club to strip club in an area that, shall we say, isn’t the most desirable. Or safe, for that matter. My two door car was loaded with teenage boys and hockey equipment. When we got to the arena, we discovered it was “double booked”, and the boys refused to get on the ice with players they didn’t know. Where, you may ask, was the assistant coach–aka my darling husband? On a weekend trip with his buddies. I snapped.

Last year’s March Madness was a lulu. I became obsessed with William Shatner and a pair of shoes. I’m not even sure how it all happened. It started with my passing on stalking George Clooney when he was filming ten minutes from my home. I may as well confess all. I didn’t go watch the filming because I didn’t want to shave my legs. Don’t ask me about my reasoning–it’s all beyond my comprehension. Anyway, it some how went from George Clooney to William Shatner (I honestly don’t know how I made the jump. At the time it was perfectly reasonable.) I read William Shatner’s autobiography, reporting each new fact breathlessly to my bewildered but patient friends.

And the shoes…oh, those shoes. I believe I described them to the same friends as “sexy, snake skin sling backs”, costing about the same as what I pay a month for my cable and internet service. When I wasn’t telling my friends more than they ever wanted to know about William Shatner, I was talking about the shoes. Why I wanted them, why I needed them, what I’d wear them with, where I’d where them, and on and on and on. My poor friends.

By the end of March, I start coming back to my senses. Last year at the end of March I found myself friends with William Shatner of Facebook, and wailing to my friends that “someone else was walking around in my shoes!” (By the time I had talked myself into them, they were sold out).

So please bear with me. I plead temporary insanity. We’ll be back to our regular programming in April.

The “madness” seems to be starting a bit early this year. Heaven help me–I have a hair appointment on Monday!



  1. Bobbi said

    March Madness is a fun and highly entertaining time! 🙂

  2. demurr said

    Thanks for being so kind about it, Bobbi!

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