What’s On Your Nightstand? February Edition

I’ve read a lot this month. Books, magazines, blogs, websites…It’s been heaven. I won’t list everything. Instead I’ll focus on the “chick” books as a tribute to the friends I was able to get together with earlier this month.

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophia Kinsella never fails to make me laugh until I cry (and drool over her wardrobe). For those not familiar with the Shopaholic series, the books not only take the readers through Rebecca Bloomwood’s financial fiascos due to her love of shopping, but also her knack of solving problems of her own and those around her. Think Lucy Ricardo in Prada shoes.

Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner is not a sex help book that the name implies. It’s the type of  book that makes me laugh hysterically, and then sob over plot twists. I have fond memories of passing this book back and forth with the teachers I worked with when this book originally came out. Not only did we enjoy the story, but the game we called “Guess Who’s Desk The Principal Will Find This On?” Guess who “won”.

I wanted to re-read this old favorite because I was giddy to find out it now has a sequel:


Ooooo, Certain Girls was good! Finding out what happened to the heroine Cannie. Reading from not only her view-point, but her thirteen year old daughter Joy’s. Laughing hysterically, then reaching for the box of Kleenex during those plot twists. This book was definitely the reading highlight of my month.

Those are some of the books I’ve read this month. To see what other’s have been enjoying, hop on over to 5 Minutes for Reading




  1. Good in Bed sounds, well, good! I think I’ll check it out. Thanks for the review! 🙂

    • demurr said

      Hi Amber! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  2. Have you seen the Confessions movie? I was wanting to see that but haven’t seen any review for it. I kinda browsed the first book in the series, can definitely see the humor, and am curious enough to pick it up again at some point.

    Sounds like you are having fun reading! =) Thanks for playing along!

    • demurr said

      I haven’t seen the movie yet, Carrie. I’m kind of afraid to! I’ve been having a ball with the reading challenges–thanks!

  3. A good reading month is indeed heaven, isn’t it??

    I liked Good in Bed, but I LOVED Certain Girls. Talk about sobbing! I think it was because my daughter is about that age — coming up on it. It was by far my favorite Jennifer Weiner book.

    • demurr said

      Jennifer, I’ve loved getting back into reading on a regular basis! Thanks so much for the reading challenges. I agree–Certain Girls is my favorite Jennifer Weiner book too.

  4. I’ve heard the Shopaholic movie is really cute; didn’t even know there was a book!

    • demurr said

      I may have to get over my fear that the movie won’t live up to the book and see it. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!

  5. I wanted to see your whole list.

    Here is my nightstand

    • demurr said

      WOW! That’s quite a list! I’m limitting mine to what I’ve read. It gives me a great excuse to sit down and read something other than “Good Night Moon”.

      This past month I also read two Erma Bombeck books (“A Match Made In Heaven” and “Aunt Erma’s Cope Book”), and “Jurassic Park” and “Lost World” by Michael Critchton. It’s been a long time since I’ve read this much!

  6. Nise' said

    I will have to refresh my memory about Good before I read Certain Girls.

    You asked about School of Fear. It is a Young Adult book where four kids are invited to attend summer school where they will face their phobias and conquer their fears in 6 weeks.

    • demurr said

      Thanks, Nise’! School of Fear sounds good!

  7. I have never read any of the Shopaholic books. GASP! I know I need to. Thanks for sharing your list!

    • demurr said

      I just “discovered” them a year or so ago. I had fun visiting your blog!

  8. Just Mom said

    What fun reads! Jennifer Weiner books are such good stuff!

  9. Michele J. said

    Oh I adore what Sophia Kinsella has written, especially the shopoholic series…you should also read (if you havent’ already) The Undomestic Goddess which is also written by her.

    Also I did not know that there was a sequel to Good in Bed (which I also loved!) Thanks for the heads up…I’m excited to read it.

    • demurr said

      I haven’t read that yet–I’ll put it on my “must read” list. Thanks!

  10. I love books that take me from laughter to tears! Thanks for joining us this month. Happy Reading!

    • demurr said

      Thanks, Lisa! It’s been so much fun playing with you all!

  11. steedj said

    I loved Good in Bed.. I’ve read it several times!

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