Just Another Valium Monday…

I love new starts.  Give me a new week, or a new month, and watch me purr.

This morning was no exception. I made a mental list of things I wanted to do. My new yoga dvd. Get the house all shiny and ready for the  week. Look around for spring decorations. Cull some clothes that no longer fit me. Maybe play with my hair to figure out what my stylist did to make it look great.  Just little things to make me happy, you know?

And then I got out of bed. Oh. My.

My new yoga dvd gave way to wrestling with a toddler. Getting her dressed, getting her to eat, minor things were all a major battle this morning. On the upside, I probably burned more calories than I would have than if I had done the video. On the downside, I did not achieve the tranquil peace of mind that the dvd would have given me.

I then tried to give my house the sparkly look that makes me smile. After cleaning up five toddler spills and tearing apart the vacuum to fish out a sock, I settled for keeping making sure the house wouldn’t be sticky. For the most part.

And then it got better. My darling husband reminded me that his brother was going to stop by today. “But don’t worry, honey. He’s going to call before he comes over.” No sooner were the words out of his mouth than my brother-in-law pulled up, along with his girlfriend and her nephew. I barely had time to dive into a bra, let alone style my hair. I let them endure my dragon breath as a reminder to phone first.

I would love to give you a blow-by-blow of the rest of my morning, but it’s all just a blur now. After laying shoe rubber from going full throttle this morning, it all abruptly came to a halt. Naptime. Whew! A chance to get my bearings.

Taking a quick survey of the main living areas in my home, I came to the realization that it took me the entire morning (and all my patience and energy) to keep everything as it was when I got out of bed.

I don’t have a pithy observation or a brilliant epiphany to go along with this post. Just a growing hope that I can salvage my earlier optimism, and enjoy the first afternoon of a brand new month. It could happen!



  1. Ally said

    “I barely had time to dive into a bra, let alone style my hair. I let them endure my dragon breath as a reminder to phone first.” I love this…I literally laughed out loud!! I am not a huge fan of uninvited guests either…just call first!! I love my family and friends, but a call would be great 🙂

    btw…mondays are my favorite day of the week for the same reasons you mentioned–a fresh start! Good luck getting back to that time 🙂

    • demurr said

      Ally, thank you so much for stopping by! I love the Frugal Frontier, btw. Awesome blog!

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