I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

I Love Oscar Night! I know that may come as a shock, as I hardly mention movies. Ahem.  It’s rare, though, that I’ve seen the movies that are up for the awards. The last time I was in a theater was to see Sweeney Todd. No matter. It doesn’t stop me from making predictions to my family, or groaning when my picks don’t win.

What I really love about the Academy Awards, though, is watching them with my oldest daughter. We plan our evening over the course of a month. We have our own Academy Award that we made years ago, and drag it out prior to the big night. We toss on our favorite pjs, set out trays of our favorite foods, and tune in early so we can dish about the fashions the stars are wearing before the show starts.  Our comments regarding the outfits are generally favorable, but at times rival the cattiness found here.

This year is no exception. Oscar is on the entertainment center. The menu has been planned. Guesses about winners are still being made, based on favorite stars, or on movie titles, in place of actual knowledge about the films. Our Oscar wear has been laundered, and awaiting the big night.

This year our menu is pretty simple:

The male members of my family will undoubtably join us at some time during the evening, and I can guarantee my daughter and I will “shush” them several times throughout the show. We will then confuse them by talking ourselves, and not bother trying to explain the double standard. Ultimately, the evening is about my oldest daughter and I spending time  enjoying an evening together. And for that, I’d like to thank the Academy.


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