Children’s Classic Mystery Challenge: Volume 2

Oh, how I’ve been loving the Children’s Classics Mystery Challenge! How often do you get an excuse to regress into   revisit your childhood? This month I pulled out a favorite that had been read and re-read so much that the book’s appearance now shows how  well-loved it was in my youth.

The Great Christmas Kidnaping Caper by Jean Van Leeuwen is a story about a gang of three mice: Marvin, Fats, and Raymond. Marvin the Magnificent, the fearless leader, is looking for a place to spend the winter. What before his wondering eyes should appear, but Macy’s Department Store. In short order, he and his gang move into a doll house in the toy department. Just as quickly, they find themselves friends with the store’s Santa. And just about as quickly, their new friend disappears. It’s up to Marvin and his gang to find and rescue Santa in time for Christmas.

While re-reading my dog-eared copy of The Great Christmas Kidnaping Caper, I could easily see why this book kept me coming back so many times during my childhood. The thought of having a department store and all its treasures at my disposal as the characters did  certainly appeals to me even now.  I think, though, the thought of such a tiny being making such a huge difference was an empowering idea.

Hop on over to 5 Minutes For Books to see what others have been reading!


  1. hopeistheword said

    I’ve never even heard of this one. Thanks for a great review! What age would you say it’s appropriate for?

    • demurr said

      Hope, I was reading this in third grade. There’s also a book by this author called “I was a 98 Pound Ugly Duckling” (I think–not sure if “ugly” was in the title). It’s a great read for girls going through that self conscious phase.

  2. Amber said

    This sounds cute!

    • demurr said

      Hi Amber! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. YAY! How unique! I love that you found a story that is so different! I hadn’t heard of this one before either but it sounds extremely cute. I’m so very glad you shared about it. Yes, I’m with Amy – what age would you say it is best suitable for?

    Sounds fantastic! Thanks for playing.

    • demurr said

      Carrie, there’s a whole series based on Marvin and the gang. Sadly, I think they’re all out of print, but are reasonable on Amazon. I bought one for around $2, and when the booked arrived, was shocked to find it was signed by the author. I plan on reading it aloud to my youngest when she’s around 4. I’m hoping it’ll become a Christmas tradition

  4. I’ve never heard of this, but how fun! And yes, it is absolutely fun to revisit our childhoods.

    • demurr said

      Hi Jennifer! I can’t wait to get over to your site and see what you’ve been reading!!!

  5. Let me join the list of those who’ve never heard of this book. It sounds really fun!

    • demurr said

      Hi Stephanie! I’m so glad you stopped by! I Love the name of your blog!

  6. This makes great sense..

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