Toddler Craft: Treasure Box

My little explorer loves “discovering” new things. On her walks, it may be stones, leaves, or sticks. Around the house it might be a key chain from her older brother, a hair tie from her big sister, an interesting scrap of paper…you get the idea. One thing all the objects have in common is they are  important to her. Another thing they all have in common is there is no place to put them. Enter the “Treasure Box”.

We took an old shoe box, and glued noodles to the lid. After the glue dried, it was time to break out the poster paint and paint the box, noodles and all. When the paint dried, it was time to decorate with stickers. After the stickers were applied…TADA! a box to store her “treasures”.

We do have two rules for her “treasures” and treasure box. If the “treasure” doesn’t fit into her box, she can’t keep it. Same goes for “treasures” that, um, move.

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