A Little Link Love…

Well hellooooo, stranger! One day I will figure out how those awesome bloggers keep going when life throws them a curve ball. Until then, I’ll settle for sending myself on guilt trips for neglecting you all.

I may not have been writing, but I have been reading. And I just had to share what’s been showing up in my reader…

Amy over at Earnest Parenting has written her first book! I’ve admired Amy for years, and cannot wait to read Fun & Free Activities For Families on a Budget. Her timing is perfect!

If Gretchen ever hosts any of these carnivals over at Second Blooming, I swear I’ll start another blog so I can participate twice.

I stumbled across Diane Denmark about a month ago, and have been going back ever since for a daily smile.

Finally,  I saw these binders and had to run out to get the supplies to set up my own immediately! (And by “immediately” I mean I have the stuff now, and hope to accomplish them before my toddler enters kindergarten.)

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  1. AmyL said

    Awwwww, shucks Wendy! Thanks for the mention and the compliment!

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