Finally! A Mother’s Day Gift Idea

My poor mom. Over the years she’s had to endure some less than thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. Last minute gift pilgrimage’s to 7/11 doesn’t inspire the most wonderful gifts. (Boone’s Farm, anyone?) It’s not that I don’t love her. It’s just…well…you know. It’s hard to shop for someone who runs out and buys whatever she wants or needs, the minute she wants or needs it. (That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.)

Happily, this year is going to be different for her. Today my toddler and I are painting a flower-pot for her as her “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma” gift. I even have the cute little plant to pop into it. It’s bound to warm the cockles of her grandmotherly heart.

 For her “Happy Mother’s Day Mom” gift, she’s getting a gift certificate for… Missus Smartpants . For those not familiar with Missus Smartypants, it’s a service provided by a wonderful woman named Leslie for those of us who need a little help with our wardrobes. To check her out, you can sign up for her free weekly newsletter. The newsletter includes “style missions” that are a great reminder to focus on yourself at least once a week. 

 My mom is the type of woman who is constantly giving or doing for others. I’m pretty happy about finding a “selfish” gift for her. And as long as I remember to pick up a card, I’m also pretty happy about not making my annual pilgrimage to 7/11.

[Full disclosure: I am not being paid to promote Missus Smartypants. As far as I know, Missus Smartypants does not know I, let alone my little blog, exist.]

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