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Toddler Craft: Treasure Box

My little explorer loves “discovering” new things. On her walks, it may be stones, leaves, or sticks. Around the house it might be a key chain from her older brother, a hair tie from her big sister, an interesting scrap of paper…you get the idea. One thing all the objects have in common is they are  important to her. Another thing they all have in common is there is no place to put them. Enter the “Treasure Box”.

We took an old shoe box, and glued noodles to the lid. After the glue dried, it was time to break out the poster paint and paint the box, noodles and all. When the paint dried, it was time to decorate with stickers. After the stickers were applied…TADA! a box to store her “treasures”.

We do have two rules for her “treasures” and treasure box. If the “treasure” doesn’t fit into her box, she can’t keep it. Same goes for “treasures” that, um, move.

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Toddler Crafts: ABCs

“A, B, C/as easy as 1, 2, 3″…except to a toddler who’s just learning her ABCs. We’ve been encouraging our future scholar that there’s more to books than the pictures, and it hasn’t always been easy.

We started making “letter wands” last month. Just one a week, and it seems to be a big hit with our little darling.  Letter wands are simply letters I cut out of fun foam, decorated by our toddler, and attached to a drinking straw with packing tape. Oh, sure. There’s a bit of “whacking the cat” with the wand, but she’s also using them in learning activities as well.

Letter Treasure Hunt: My daughter and I take her letter wand of the week to search for matching letters in books, magazines, and other items around the house.

Trace the Letter: Decorating the letter with different textures (one letter may have been decorated with markers, another with feathers, a third with fabric, etc.) encourages her to trace the shape of the letter with her fingers. Just be ready that your toddler may be more interested in “undecorating” the letter.

Singing the ABCs: As we sing the song, we encourage her to raise the appropriate letter wand.

So far, so good! It seems to be working for us. Check out We Are THAT Family  Rocks In My Dryer to see what’s working for other’s today.

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Toddler Crafts:Making a Snowman…in the house!

My two-year old is a glue stick addict. She loves pasting things together. One day she may need a twelve step program to over come it, but for now we’re indulging her habit.

The other day we made a snowman. In the house. Of course, it was out of construction paper, but she was pretty happy. During her nap, I cut circles out of white construction paper. I also cut out a hat, a carrot shaped nose, smaller circles out of black construction paper for eyes and buttons, boot shapes for his feet, a smiling mouth, and a couple of stick arms. When my darling daughter got up from her nap, I gave her the cut outs, put a figurine of a snowman in front of her to use as a guide, and handed her a glue stick. The hardest part of the project was staying out of her way.  (I was identifying with Picasso’s mother in a big way.) She was really proud of her results, and so was I!

She’ll be making another snowman soon from a recipe for toddler play dough that I found here. Hopefully we’ll be able to take her new snowman building skills outside soon. I’m sure Mother Nature will be cooperating any minute!

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