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WFMW: Menu Planning, backwards and forwards

Don’t you love staring into the fridge at 5pm with no clue what to make for dinner? Yeah, me neither. 

About 4 times a year I list what we have for dinner each night for a month. It gives me almost 30 dinners appropriate for the season to choose from when I plan our menu for the week. And writing it on the calendar insures I know where to find my list.

I discovered early on that my husband and I are not “we’re having this dinner on that day” kind of people. Instead, we list the dinners we have ingredients for, and hang it on a cupboard.  We choose from the list the night before, grab any thing that needs to be thawed out of the freezer, and we’re good to go.

That’s how we do our menu planning over here, backwards and forwards! Check out what’s working for other’s at We are THAT Family.

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WFMW: Baby Socks and Christmas Gifts

Do you have some socks your baby/toddler has outgrown? Do you have some rice in the cupboard? Do you have some cotton balls? Some thread? A bit of glue? Congrats! You have all the makings of a Christmas gift grandparents will love.

I love this craft!  I first read about it in Women’s Day magazine when my teens were tots. It was one of my first craft projects that actually turned out like it was supposed to, and was incredibly easy to make.

Rather than give you  my garbled instructions, allow me to give you a link for more concise directions.

A couple of tips: I’ve used fabric paint and sharpie markers to make the face of the snowmen with great success. And I’ve tied off my snowman sections with thread–worked like a charm!

I’ll join you all over at We Are That Family to see what cool projects others have come up with.

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Works For Me Wednesday– Getting Teenagers OUT of the bathroom

Once upon a time I worked outside the home and went to school part time while raising two teens. The worst part of that era? Waiting to go to the bathroom!  We have just one bathroom in our happy home, and the teens took forever in there in the morning. I finally solved that dilema with a few small purchases.

Purchase #1: A timer. Oh yeah. The timer was set from the minute the door closed. It only took a few reminders (and one time of turning off the hot water) for the teens to get the hang of getting out of the bathroom when the timer went off.

Purchase #2: A plastic caddy for each of them. The teens kept brushes, combs, hair stuff, etc in their own caddy. When not in use, the caddy went on a shelf in the hall closet.

Purchase #3: A mirror for each of their rooms. Hair, make up, practicing looking cool could then be done in the privacy of their own rooms.

Total cost of getting them out of the bathroom: $17. Not having to cross my legs for extended periods of time: priceless.

I hope this helps! Now check out the awesome tips and ideas over at We Are THAT Family.

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Works For Me Wednesday…Toddler Magnets

Works For Me Wednesday…Toddler Magnets

It’s so simple. So easy. Yet I would have never thought of it on my own…

I hated the alphabet magnets that my toddler loves. They were all over the fridge. That is, when they were not slipping between the doors, making the refrigerator hard to close. Or flying under the refrigerator. Or scattered all over the kitchen floor. Or causing my daughter to disappear into the kitchen when my back is turned.

Then a brilliant preschool teacher showed me a great trick: Use a metal cookie sheet for your toddler to put the magnets on and off to her heart’s content.  As we speak, she’s now happily playing with them next to my desk instead of making one of her stealth missions into the kitchen. Works for me!

I hope you’ll check out the other tips and tricks on We Are THAT Family!

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