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Works For Me Wednesday…Toddler Magnets

Works For Me Wednesday…Toddler Magnets

It’s so simple. So easy. Yet I would have never thought of it on my own…

I hated the alphabet magnets that my toddler loves. They were all over the fridge. That is, when they were not slipping between the doors, making the refrigerator hard to close. Or flying under the refrigerator. Or scattered all over the kitchen floor. Or causing my daughter to disappear into the kitchen when my back is turned.

Then a brilliant preschool teacher showed me a great trick: Use a metal cookie sheet for your toddler to put the magnets on and off to her heart’s content.  As we speak, she’s now happily playing with them next to my desk instead of making one of her stealth missions into the kitchen. Works for me!

I hope you’ll check out the other tips and tricks on We Are THAT Family!

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